Light And Emotions

Recently, there has been a real "boom" in the lighting of urban public spaces. However, it is not always possible to make the lighting comfortable while avoiding light pollution. See how this can be done on arcillumonations.com. Judging by the news from the world o...

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Kennel for dogs in your yard

If you are faced with the problem that your country house has a large backyard, and you don't want to plant flowers and trees, but you love pets, then you can make your pet boarding kennels for them. But it is desirable that no one lives in the neighborhood, so tha...

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Tubular Fence

Metal fence structures are a popular industry that is gaining momentum. Moreover, blind fences are gradually coming out of fashion and light openwork structures enter. One of the options for such a fence offered by Garrison Fencing in Perth is a metal rod fence or ...

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