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Where to Find a House in London and What Type to Choose

London is a city that is constantly changing and developing, a city where once unpopular areas overnight become the most promising for purchasing a house.

The main factors by which an area for purchasing a home is assessed are the potential for development and growth in property values, the quality of the housing stock, local infrastructure and transport accessibility. New homes in South-East London fully meet these criteria.

The large-scale renovation of the Royal Arsenal has transformed the Thames embankment in these areas into a quiet and incredibly beautiful modernist paradise with lofts and unusual apartments with good infrastructure. Over the past five years, housing prices here have doubled, and among the offers there are affordable one-room and luxurious penthouses for a million or two.

The real estate market is growing now, so there is no point in delaying the purchase of an apartment.

The most reasonable type of apartment

What type of apartment to choose? If your budget allows, it is rather sensible to buy a 2 bed new build. This type of apartment is very popular these days, so you can choose a great option at the best price without any problems. Several advantages create a stable demand for two-bedroom housing.


Comfort of your stay

An apartment with 2 bedrooms gives you an opportunity to organize the space in the most optimal way. The flat is conventionally divided into two parts – a private space for relaxation and a public space for active leisure.

Great option for families with children

After some time, every family decides to have a child, and looking for an apartment while pregnant or with a baby will be difficult. Therefore, you need to think about widening your family in advance and buy an apartment with two bedrooms.

Affordable price

Nowadays, almost everyone can afford 2 bed new build; you can choose an apartment in the certain borough, purchase a budget option – or a more expensive one. In houses of any class there is a fairly large number of apartments with two bedrooms. In addition, developers always have several attractive offers.

They allow you to find the best apartments at below average prices. Many buyers can be offered apartments on the upper floors or roof-type housing, which will save money and immediately use them to repair or re-equip the apartment if desired.

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Great opportunities for redevelopment

You can organize a capacious studio or get an extra room in your apartment by adding some partitions.

A big amount of space you will have

Most of these apartments have enough space to equip them with a dressing room or storage room. Plus, you can even add a second bathroom if needed.

In general, a two-bedroom apartment is the best variant for a young family; it is a rather cozy place that does not require much cleaning time or construction costs.