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Interior transformation with artificial plants

Modern floristics leaves classic canons and traditions: now it is fashionable to use not only live plants in the decor, but also artificial ones. Thanks to new technologies, they look like real and do not lose their beauty for a long time.

Recently, muros verdes are often used in the street decoration and at the design of apartments, offices and country houses – they completely replace living plants or serve as a basis for creating combined zones. Artificial plants are a convenient alternative in gardening. They are unpretentious in care and all year round have a rich bright color, which is capable of transforming the situation.

Green wall

What about making in a house a whole green wall? Such a green island does not require care – it is enough to spray the leaves with water in order to remove the dust from them in a timely manner, and that they look even more likely when drops are shining on the surface. Few people immediately guess that it is an artificial plant.

Grass in a pot

Another option for the transformation of the house is grass in a pot. Such a composition will add freshness and summer mood, harmoniously combined with compositions from flowers – dilutes their varnishes. If you use only one composition of artificial grass in the interior, it may look inexpressively – it is better to think better in advance about installation with ready-made solutions from artificial colors and other more unusual plants.

Image by İbrahim Özkadir from Pixabay