How to properly care for your lawn?

A lawn with a dense grass cloth decorates the plot and serves as a background for other landscape design objects. In order for it to please the eye with a well-groomed and fresh appearance for a long time, it is important to fertilize and water it in a timely manner, remove weeds and perform other operations.

To keep your time and money, you can turn to the services of residential lawn maintenance professionals.

Lawns can be different — decorative, used to move on them or to arrange a recreation area. But the rules of care are the same for everyone:

  1. Proper watering should be regular. The best time of day for this is in the evening or early morning. It is not recommended to use water with a temperature below + 10 degrees, since the cold is detrimental to the grass roots. Water should be poured under medium pressure under the roots. It is convenient to use sprinklers for this.
  2. The frequency of cutting depends on the speed of grass growth. When it rises to about 10 cm, it needs to be shortened by a third. Various types of tools are produced, which are used for haircuts.
  3. Soil aeration is performed by a mechanical device – aerator. Also, special rakes are suitable for this, which pierce the ground.
  4. Fertilizers are needed for the normal development of plants. It is enough to make them 2 times a year. Better care includes additional operations that are performed at different times of the year.

Photo by Magic K from Pexels