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Two popular myths about grooming

Having equipped your home, you really want to take care of something, whether it be a plant or an animal. Both the first and the second options require good care. Flowers need to be watered, replanted, fed, and animals require medical and aesthetic care –  pet grooming in Columbus, Ohio. There are a couple of myths that definitely need to be dispelled about grooming.

Myth 1: Grooming is just an expensive haircut

Grooming is just an expensive haircut

Image by Aleksandr Tarlõkov from Pixabay

Grooming is a pet care service. We’re not just talking about pet hair. The groomer monitors condition of the ears and claws, eyes, brushes the teeth in those places where the tongue of your animal does not reach.

Such haircuts are cosmetic, some of them are for exhibitions, others are or for hygiene. Cosmetic one is the same model haircut. Exhibition – regular haircut, removal of hair between the fingers and washing. Hygienic – bathing, untangling and removing matted hair, trimming claws, washing eyes, cleaning ears and teeth. Beauty is not important here, but the health of the animal.

Myth number 2: cats and dogs can be combed out at home

cats and dogs can be combed out at home

Image by Aleksandr Tarlõkov from Pixabay

You can’t always do it yourself. If the wool has strayed into a knottylump, you cannot do without the help of a professional. It is very difficult to remove the problem on your own without scratching the pet’s skin – you need special tools. And to leave this lump unattended is dangerous, because under the tangles the skin swells and peels off, and if the animal lives in the countryside, parasites can settle on your lovely pet.

Photo by nishizuka from Pexels