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Why do you need carpet cleaning?

Carpet is a traditional symbol of home comfort. In addition to decorative qualities, it has a number of other functions – heat retention, noise absorption, etc. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful it is, sooner or later it needs to be cleaned.

Home carpet cleaning is not enough

Home carpet cleaning is not enough

Image by heathergunn from Pixabay

It should be noted that home carpet cleaning can provide the illusion of cleanliness, but is not able to protect against the harmful factors that are fraught with a dirty carpet.

After all, the fibers from which it is made are an excellent dust collector, accumulate dirt and small debris. It is impossible to completely remove them even with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Why is it necessary to clean the carpet? The problem is in numbers

necessary to clean the carpet

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

  • – Over a year, kilograms of dust accumulate in and under the carpet. Accumulations of dust contribute to the development of allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, weakening of the immune system, opening the way to various diseases. Professional carpet cleaning will help prevent their development.
  • – A dirty carpet is an ideal home for microorganisms and small insects, here their numbers are sometimes measured in the millions. Dust mites, pathogenic bacteria, fleas of pets – all live in the carpet.
  • – A home carpet contains 4,000 times more dirt than a toilet seat and 7 times more than a pedestrian street. Every hour, an adult at home loses hundreds of thousands to millions of dead skin particles.

Any carpet manufacturer in the recommendations for the care of the product provides for their thorough cleaning at least twice a year.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels