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Does it make sense to contact a real estate agency?

Sometimes the desire to independently solve all issues related to housing can do much harm, not help to a person. Everything related to real estate has many features and nuances in which it is very easy for an unprepared person to get confused. Thanks to Agencja nieruchomości Wilanów, you can not only satisfy almost any requirement, but also avoid fraud.

Advantages of contacting special agencies

Agency specialists ensure the transfer of the advance only after verifying the authenticity of the documents, studying the history of the apartment, the legality of the alienation and establishing the entire chain of the transaction.

The real estate company will definitely check the apartment for legal cleanliness and find out:

  • – whether there are any infringements of third parties (the rights of spouses to property, retaining the rights of the tenant, but not being the owners, minor children, etc.);
  • – whether there are restrictions on the use of housing by new owners (are there any litigations, are other persons registered, will previously registered people who are in places of deprivation of liberty appear);
  • – whether the rights of third parties are violated as a result of previous sales, whether the procedure for conducting transactions was followed before, the law was not violated during the privatization of the apartment);

The security of mutual settlements is ensured. The buyer receives a guarantee that he becomes the owner of the specified apartment, and it is the seller who will receive the money.

Image by VisionPics from Pixabay