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Amish – the most housewifely families

Often, when talking about a good garden, cooking and housekeeping, the Amish are mentioned. Many people would like to adopt the secrets of some dishes, impeccable cleanliness and a well-groomed vegetable garden.

Who are the Amish?

Who are the Amish

Image by Johannes Wünsch from Pixabay

The Amish are an Anabaptist religious movement. Their doctrine is based on a literal and strict interpretation of the Bible. They believe that everything is from God, and fate cannot be changed.


The Amish do not accept traditional school education, as it, in their opinion, is overloaded with completely unnecessary disciplines. Amish education includes small community schools where they study only reading, writing and arithmetic (the real dream of many students). Some testing showed that the level of knowledge of Amish children is above average in everything.

After graduating from the 8th grade, boys and girls receive vocational training, primarily in the field of agriculture, as well as various kinds of crafts.

Religion is not taught in their schools, as religious matters are taught at home and in meetings.

Amish family core values

Amish family core values

Image by emailamyd from Pixabay

In general, family and children are the main thing for any Amish, the meaning of his life, as well as living in harmony with all neighbors and relatives. Any Amish is primarily perceived as a member of the community, which gives him a status, and not as a separate person.

The Amish firmly believe that God blesses large families and, of course, divorces, and even more so abortions in the communities are strictly prohibited. Therefore, in any Amish family, there are usually a lot of children.

Photo by Simon Hurry from Pexels