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Who are termites and how they can harm your house

One of the main dangers is that termites can be very stealthy enemies. Traces of their life can not even be observed. They can bite into your house, for example, from under the foundation and devastate all the insides of the wooden floors of the house. The worst thing is that 2-3 years will be enough for them for your fortress to collapse. That’s why call  新山专业消灭白蚁.

Who are termites and why are they dangerous?

they dangerous

Image by Fronbondi Skegs from Pixabay

Small insects, vaguely resembling ants, with white bodies and wings. In the process of evolution, they evolved from cockroaches, and ants are their enemies. They have a clearly defined hierarchy for such insects. Having seen them once live or at least in pictures on the Internet, you are unlikely to confuse them with someone else.

Why do termites destroy houses?

destroy houses

Image by Roy Buri from Pixabay

Termite food is cellulose. The main storage of this material, as we know, is wood, and only then all its derivatives: paper, cardboard, etc. In the context of nature, termites cannot even be called pests, since they only feed on dead wood. In extremely rare cases, they can be found in a living tree. But since houses are already being built from recycled wood, this is a great delicacy for these insects. And the fact that they are not interested in the tree, but only in cellulose is evidenced by the dust left at the termite’s crime scene.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels