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Checking technical condition of the house

When people buy a house it’s very important to check its technical condition and assess construction quality, carefully examine and record all the nuances, ask questions, search for useful information on, photograph and record all defects and shortcomings.

Condition of roof

Condition of roof

Image by Tan2 from Pixabay

Conclusions about the roof condition can be made when watching the attic. If you see smudges traces, fungus or mold, it tells that the roof is leaking, and repairs will require a great investment.

External walls

Outer walls cracks can indicate serious defects and further bad consequences (such as improper shrinkage of the house). Cracks can hide behind a layer of fresh plaster even if there are no obvious ones.

Ceilings and floors

Ceilings and floors

Image by expresswriters from Pixabay

Lower floor ceiling will tell you about the floors quality. It’s bad if it bends. Soon, the situation will worsen, and floors replacement will be troublesome and expensive.

Foundation and basement

Foundation quality self-assessment is really hard. However, strength and reliability of the whole house depends on it. Cracks absence on the walls of the house can be a bright sign of a foundation quality. Only specialists can give you a more accurate estimate. Inspect the basement – flooding signs mean that the foundation construction technology was violated. In this case, the house will have a constant smell of dampness and mold, and soon you can have a complete destruction of the foundation.

But if you carefully check all this in time and fix all the defects, you will not have problems with housing.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels