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How to choose TV units size

When computers appeared, many experts predicted the imminent collapse of the era of televisions. But this device has entered our life more firmly than anyone could have imagined.

It’s somehow worthless to put a brand new TV on old furniture – you want to prepare a special pedestal for it and get white TV units, so that the process of watching movies and TV shows is as comfortable as possible and brings aesthetic pleasure.

TV Stand Size

TV Stand Size

Image by promofocus from Pixabay

There are no strict requirements for the dimensions of the TV stand. The main thing is that the TV does not go beyond its limits, i.e. the stand must either be equal to the width of the TV or be wider than it. Here, as the size of the room allows, and as your heart desires. If the cabinet is much wider than the TV itself, then it will be possible to place a lot of necessary and simply cute things on it.

The height of the TV should be such that you do not have to lift your head or lower it strongly. If you are used to watching TV while sitting on a sofa or in an armchair, then units 50-60 cm high are suitable, and if you are more comfortable watching movies and programs on the floor, then you can take a unit 40 cm high. The height of the horizontal surface can be any – the main thing here is that the brackets are located at the required level.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels