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How to clean your pool properly?

There are 3 types of water pollution in the pool – these are physical, chemical and biological.

Algae grow in any standing water in the pool.

The second pollution factor is the garbage caused by the pool users themselves. Even if it is not sand, then the particles of skin, hair, cosmetics – always fall.

And the most common pollution of an outdoor pool is sand, leaves, etc.

Timely and proper pool cleaning will keep you healthy and cubic meters of water.

The main ways to clean the pool

The simplest solution to how to clean the pool if the water is still clear, but garbage is visible on the water and on the bottom is the use of nets and vacuum cleaners. But it is more convenient to clean the bottom with a water vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning with a water vacuum cleaner is effective, because filters are not able to efficiently clean the bottom of the pool and remove plaque from the walls.

Another way to physically clean the pool are filters.

Filters eliminate impurities that we can’t see. If you do not use a filter, the water will stagnate and rot faster.

To quickly clean the pool from a slight plaque on the walls, without draining the water, just add a double dose of cleaning and disinfectants.

The signal that it’s time to seriously clean the coating around the pool is muddy water.

To combat the blooming of water, anti-algae drugs are used – algicides. But even if you get rid of algae, the water still cannot be considered suitable for bathing, because bacteria and viruses are still present in the pool. Only a disinfectant can help get rid of them.

Photo by Trần Long from Pexels