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The use of blinds in the interior

The use of blinds in the interior makes it easy to adjust the penetration of sunlight into the room. And thanks to its functionality and a huge choice of lamella design, with the help of blinds, you can stylishly decorate a window opening of any shape. It is most convenient to choose them where there is a wide choice, for example, as they offer  window blinds in Dublin.


The main pros and cons of using in the interior.



Vertical slats visually increase the height of the room and raise the ceiling.


If the products are made of paper, then they cannot be washed.

Horizontal blinds have many mounting options. They are very convenient, practical and allow you to significantly save space.


Some models are particularly fragile. Aluminum horizontal slats create noise when wind gusts or when lifting and lowering.

Pleated blinds are suitable for the design of non-standard shaped window openings. They are very compact.


Such slats are not intended for installation on the sash.

The use of blinds in the interior

Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

A few nuances to choose from:

  • – Blinds with wide slats can be used for large windows or for interior partitions.
  • – Narrow slats are better used for interiors with small windows.
  • – For small rooms, laconic horizontal designs on the floor of the window are ideal, they look neat and do not overload the space.
  • – When choosing rotary vertical models, special attention should be paid to their length. It is desirable that the distance between the slats and the floor be at least five centimeters.

The use of sun blinds for interiors in various styles has no boundaries.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels