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Garden tractor front end loader kits

Taking quality, price, operator ease, bucket width and lift height into consideration, the is my hands-down top recommendation! It has a universal design so that it will fit & work great on just about any ATV, UTV or Mower.

This is a high quality unit.

Here’s why I heartily recommend it: The has a good, wide 44″ bucket opening and it’s made of thick 1/8″ steel. And it’s Made in the USA, which is great.

And I really like that, once this is installed, you can attach and remove the bucket in just seconds – without any tools. Easy.

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A standard loader attachment for a tractor averages about $4, 000.00 but you can get a garden tractor loader for a small fraction of that amount.

And you’ll be able to move quicker, and get into tighter spaces, than you could with a tractor or skid steer. Don’t forget, tractors & skid steers are very heavy and they tear up a lot of grass, too.

This attachment is great for lifting, hauling, spreading, dumping, leveling, etc – and can be used a snow pusher or snow mover – during the winter. Yep, they’re very handy.

(They’re also known as scoops or dump buckets.)

In the past, many people chose to build a homemade bucket for their garden tractor. A good DIY project. And there were a few kits on the market too.

But, during the last few years, there have been many new models introduced by Kwikway, John Deere, Sears Craftsman, Johnny Buckets, etc.

If you’re thinking about buying a loader unit remember that some are powered by built-in garden tractor hydraulics, some are powered by built-in garden tractor PTO and some are powered by an extra PTO engine that must be added.

Also, some units are powered manually, with an elongated handle control, like the Craftsman Front Tractor Scoop model.

Depending upon the garden tractor scoop model, there are varying load bearing capabilities. Generally, these loaders lift between 150 to 400+lbs.

MY TIP: you need to know that there is a danger of tipping over when the bucket or scoop on a garden tractor is raised. A major safety issue! To avoid this accident, you need to add counter weights so that your weight is balanced on your garden tractor. So make sure you match your garden tractor owners manual specs with the specs of the bucket you’re going to use – and add the correct counter weights!

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