Centennial Gardens Memphis TN

Three apartments were broken into the same day this month, and management blamed it the residents not having their alarm systems on. It’s not safe. You can here everything your neighbors are doing the walls are so.thin.

I agree with this opinion in the sense that management does not make it known about all break-ins. I was broken into and there was no notice issued. I did have my alarm on however, and that may have truly deterred the robbers from being able to steal anything. I just wish management would be more transparent about the fact that there are tons of break-ins that take place there and the residents are not notified each and every time. There is a neighborhood watch that has been developed, which is good. In general, these apartments are worth moving into if you want to spend the kind of money they are asking for. Three years I’ve lived here. I’m moving soon, but only because I don’t want to spend $900 for rent here. The clientele is declining and so is the professionalism of the office staff.

I’m telling u that’s another one of those ignorant – managers they got working in the office. Soon y’all will be section 8, the truth speaks for it self so this long essay u wrote is pointless. just go to the local police station do a background check and what I posted will check out. I promise

Ok I got to respond to this. To your review and to your responses. LOL. Ok first of all, really. I got the same memo like all of my neighbors did. It only states that an apartment got broken into and that management encourages everyone to use their alarm system…after all it’s free. And if anyone needed help setting their system up to call the office. So no one blamed anyone. On the memo itself. It was rumor control. It’s ok. I just call it how it is. They have to do that to control drama queens like yourself. On the walls, I grant you they are not firewalls. But I can barely hear my neighbors and they really can’t hear me. And am loud, home theater user loud. trust me, if am too loud they will let me know. I would do the same too. Now on the break ins. Am an old dude. I been around. Most break ins are done by people that been to your home. Most likely one of your ghetto friends’, so call friend or cousin. They see what you got. Hang out a few times to learn your patterns and then “BANG” they kick the door in. You just got rob. Sometimes its your own dam fault. Showing off your stuff so your neighbors can see. You just got rob for being a butt. All it takes is a little commonsense. Don’t invite your ghetto friends over. Meet them outside of the community. Just because your ghetto friend said he is your friend don;t mean he’s not gonna rob you. And lastly, USE YOUR FREE ALARM. It’s monitored 24/7. You paying a high rent for USE IT. Oh yes, don’t be cheap. Get you some renter’s insurance. Its about 100 to 200 a year. Like I said use commonsense.

First of all, the management did not BLAME it on residents not using the alarms, they simply mentioned the fact that the units that were broken into were NOT using the alarms that are provided. Additionally, they were prompt in alerting all residents as to what had occurred. If you haven’t noticed you do live in Memphis, not necessarily the safest place in the world. Unless you plan to move into a bubble, there will be crime. Ive lived here over a year and haven’t had a single incident. The apartments are well proportioned and is better than anything else you will find in the area. The only reason I’ll be leaving is when my house if finished being built!



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