Golden East Garden

50 W Prospect St
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

(732) 257-3737

I love this place. It is an old Chinese restaurant establishment. Piano music plays in the background of the very outdated dining area. Don’t let the decor fool you, the food is really good. They do not use MSG which in my opinion is a huge plus! I always get wonton soup because the wontons are delicious and never mushy. The ribs are also really good and not drowning in sauce. I happen to like them with just a little duck sauce and not that red sauce you see in other places. On this occasion we had the chicken and broccoli in white sauce and Mongolian beef. Chicken and broccoli was freshly made with crisp broccoli. The Mongolian beef was the favorite served on top of crispy rice noodles…yummmy. The only thing that was lacking in my opinion was the pork fried rice. It was dry and looked like it was prepared very early on the night. The staff is always pleasant and eager to please.

A sit down place in a large strip mall area, the food was ok but not great. For appetizers we went spring roll, egg roll, scallion pancake and dumplings. The Spring roll has shrimp and mushrooms in it and was totally weird. Egg roll was kind of bland and not very good. The dumplings were ok, but an order was 6 and they were all smashed into a white to go container, so a few had fused together. I’d skip all of those. Dipping sauce with the dumplings was great. The scallion pancakes were thick and crisp- just the way I like them, but wife was not too impressed. Main course was much better. The ribs were thick and meaty, but the actual flavor was bland- hardly any sauce on them. The chicken chow fun was probably the highlight, and honestly the most authentic thing we ordered. General tsaos was not very spicy, a little mushy, and overall just ok. There were weird extra pieces of grilled vegetables in it like onion and pepper, but no broccoli. So very odd. Overall, not bad not great. Maybe I’d try again and get some more traditional dishes as opposed to the Americanized Chinese.

Best old school Chinese in the area. Too bad they don’t deliver!

One of the few remaining old school, sit down Chinese restaurants left in the area. Most Chinese spots are the delivery restaurants that have very little seating and no wait staff. Golden East has a sizable staff. The food is really good here. My family and I come whenever we get the chance. The general tso’s chicken is one of my favorites as well as the house lo neon. Seating is a bit tight and it can get a little packed in the evening, but it is one of the top Chinese restaurants in the area. Try the egg rolls!

I’ve ordered take out here a few times and have been very pleased with the consistent quality of the food. I usually order the general tso chicken with pork fired rice and lo mein. The chicken is white meat as opposed to the gummy fried meat of lesser Chinese restaurants. The decor inside is traditional featuring red leather seating booths and Chinese new year decorations. If you choose to dine in you will be met with some of the quickest service you have ever experienced . Pricing is a bit higher than other competing restaurants but I don’t mind paying for the quality.

Not bad, but not what I’m used to. Entrees were General Tso and Crispy beef. The beef was large/long chunks of meat, not shredded and crispylike I’m accustomed to. Eggs rolls were meh. Ordered take out, service seemed good. The lady was nice and gave us paper plates.

This is one of my favorite Chinese food restaurants, I emphasize restaurant because this is a place where you can sit, chat, socialize with family or friends. I’ve been coming here for a few years now and it always reminds me of a similar to this one when I was kid. They give you the fried chips for wonton with delicious duck sauce which isn’t normally offered. The food is amazing, the owners who are almost always there treat each customer like their own. This is a great spot for date night because of the cute ambiance and heaping portions of food. Definitely come here and order a few dishes to share!

This is my favorite place to go for Chinese food hands down. They do have an area to sit down but I usually take my food to go. They don’t deliever but I don’t mind to drive to pick it up. All there food is delicious.

We’ve been coming here a long time. I enjoy the egg drop soup, and the house special soup no pork, my husband likes the wonton soup as well, the spare ribs. Favorite dishes include moo shu chicken, the chicken scallops & shrimp with scallions, sizzling seafood go-pa, birds nest. And the shrimp and veggies with pan fried noodles, I like the Chinese brocolli. Plus lo mein, beef chow fun. Authentic Chinese food, which for me as a PA native is priceless.

Food is very good. Best in area in my opinion. Pork fried rice is always on point. Menu hasn’t changed in the 20 years I’ve been going. Owners are very very nice. Service is impeccable. Only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because prices have gone up. Dinner can get pretty pricey here depending on what ordering and how many people. Other then that a must. Enjoy


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