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Gainesville Botanical Gardens

4700 SW 58th Dr
Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 372-4981

I have not visited Kanapaha in awhile, but I had annual passes in 2014 and 2015. I used to visit frequently. This is a great local place to explore for nature [I frequently spotted alligators, banana spiders and hawks] or take a walk with your dog. My favourite spots are the Bamboo garden and herb garden.

If you want to visit Gainesville, this botanical garden is a good spot to be. Please allow minimum two hours to enjoy the garden. This garden is wheel chair accessible. The most famous is their Amazon lily pad. However, the lily pad only fully grown and curve up the edge at August and September. When weather turn cold, they actually get smaller and eventually died. They start lily pad seed at February. The lily is a must seen items in Florida tourist spot. When it is fully grown, it can sit a child on it. I have noticed on one of the previous review from our yelp friend Coty. She have her wedding here. I can see there are many good spot for picture during the wedding, anniversary, or special event. Other than the lily pad. Their garden flower blooming is at different time of the year. It almost every month they have different flower. It is good for the flower society people. This garden has magnificent bamboo garden. The bamboo species include the horse tail bamboo shape like horse tail. I can imagine the Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon can film here for their bamboo scene with sword fight. This park is not too far off from I-75. Plan a visit with children also since they have children garden with moving water. If I am the resident of Gainesville, I will get the annual pass of this place.

Overall, it’s a very beautiful and well-maintained garden. It’s quite large, and takes over an hour to walk through. There is a wide variety of botany- including a bamboo forest, a rose garden, herb garden, etc. It’s a wonderful place to relax and find some peace and quite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who appreciates nature and picturesque landscapes.

A nature lovers dream. Walk through a gigantic Bamboo forest and see the larges lily pads you have ever seen. The bonsai, rose, butterfly and children’s garden are all Beautiful sites. The herb garden is magical with the variety of mints, and cooking herbs we use everyday. Floating deck over lake Kanapaha. Throughout he park there are plenty of spaces to sit and enjoy the scenery. And don’t forget the gift shop on the way out of some rare bug exquisite stuff.

This place is very buggy. Kind of got a stuffy, old folks vibe. Gift shop is very overpriced. It’s pretty, but honestly not as great as the pictures make it look. I was told it would be a good place to study, but there were loud people running all over the place.

Beautiful gardening work from the Gainesville community, wow. The Children’s Garden is a treat, the water gardens lively, some bulbs still in bloom in the bulb garden, some blooms among the evergreen garden. Very lovely. We missed some because of the heat but had a great time. The staff is very helpful and you get to see some I f the work it takes to make this garden happen. Bathrooms are clean. The gift shop has lots of lovely ideas and dodads. I especially love the pepper garden and all the helpful tags.

Visiting my college students we found our way here to spend some quite time The gardens and paths are well maintained with lots of well labeled beautiful foliage and blooms. The feeling of tranquility was so welcomed at the end of the day We walked and sat all around and as we were leaving stopped in the gift shop and found lots of unusual items. The staff here is friendly and informative Take some time here – just check the hours as out they close early on Monday


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