Garden Gourmet Market

5665 Broadway
Riverdale, NY 10463

(718) 796-4209

I’ve lived in NYC for more than a decade, and have discovered far too few grocery stores that are worthy of getting together with a few friends and splitting the cost of a rental car to go shopping. Not only is this one of those, it’s easily one of the best. Because they really have something for everyone; and not just the typical sections for dietary preferences like carnivores or vegans, but also sections for international ingredients, in particular Greece, Israel, Georgia, Turkey, Macedonia, Pakistan, Poland, and France. If only they had some offerings from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Spain, Argentina, or Peru, then I’d never shop anywhere else. However, there’s barely enough space for their diverse-phenomenal selection as it is. Maybe they could expand into the mattress store next door, but that’s wishful thinking. Although they don’t cover the whole globe, it does save me from having to go to a thousand different places when I want Labneh (cheese) from Damascus or Nasal (cheese) from Bucharest. Oh, and there’s their cheese section, which is enviably extensive, and on weekends they even offer around a dozen (actually usually closer to two dozen) different samples, and you can always help yourself to as much as you want without anyone judging you. And their bread section is also impressive, covering everything from Woodstock organic-artisan to Estonian sweet & sour super-dark rye. And they also just so happen to provide vast assortments of fruits and vegetables, for those who like such things, all just as fresh as from any farmer’s market in town, except not as expensive (when in season).

Great produce with an organic produce section however be careful with their packaged foods. Anytime I buy a boxed food from here, the expiration printed on the box always says it’s not expired but the food (whether cookies, chips, crackers or other) always TASTES STALE! I don’t know why that is, but it’s just what it is.

I love Garden Gourmet for carrying items I use regularly that are hard to find in the Bronx… soy coffee creamer, vegan cheese and cold cuts, vegan ice cream, and REAL olive oil (you can tell it’s not fake because it has a “harvest date”). ATTENTION YELPERS WITH CARS! You can use the free parking lot on W 234th toward Kingsbridge Av, around back of Unique Thrift. It’s shared by several businesses and Garden Gourmet is listed on the sign.

Thinking about catering from here? Don’t do it. Shoulda been warned by previous reviews about both catering and customer service, but it’s a good neighborhood grocery, so it seemed a logical choice. Long story short, the food arrived AN HOUR AND A HALF late; meanwhile our guests are waiting around. Calling the store did no good, and no one called us to tell us what was going on. When the order showed up (our party was almost over), no plates or utensils were included (despite being promised). Not sure how they thought people were supposed to eat the food. I called the store after the event to ask what happened and request a refund. The store manager said the delivery truck broke down and he didn’t know what to say. Then he accused me of not turning back the order when it arrived. Not sure if he wanted me to take the portion of the food that we could have consumed at the remainder of our party, put it on nonexistent plates, and give him the rest back. The whole phone exchange was pretty absurd, but it is clear that professionalism and customer concern are not important here. So. If you don’t care if your food goes incommunicado and if you don’t mind being blamed when you ask what happened, go ahead and order from his place. I won’t ever again.

I like garden gourmet, but their poultry and meats are a hit or miss. Sometimes they double wrap it to keep the spoiling stench enclosed. Also their prepared food is usually spoiled. I get so upset when I open something once home, and find out it’s spoiled. I suggest you really sniff what you are buying!!!

This place is really good. Food is amazing and the employees are nice and helpful. They have so many fresh and healthy selections. This is my new favorite place to do my grocery shopping. On top of good quality food, they have good deals.

This market shows how a supermarket should! It is definitely an oasis among the dozen of supermarket in Kingsbridge. FACILITY This supermarket is well organized and clean. All of the aisles are labeled, and everything is in its place . They take advantage of each foot of space to offer a ton of delectable delights. The aisles are small. Shopping carts fit but I couldn’t help but feel claustrophobic. GOODS They sell everything here: cold-pressed juices, produce, dairy, meets, international goodies, and even a buffet to take your dinner, warm and ready, to go. This is the only supermarket in the area where I found organic chicken. 🙂 I love their cheese section. They have dozens of cheeses. It makes me feel like I’m in an old-school Italian market. The prices are moderate. For you frugalistas out there, they don’t have sales flyers.

The biggest emporium of fancy and ethnic foods for many miles around. The only option for a lot of folks in Northern Manhattan or the Bronx who want certain ingredients. All Balkan recipes certainly require a visit to GG… Huge, amazing selections, decent prices, some excellent produce, nice employees, roomy enough when the old folks aren’t pigging out on the free samples. But two stars deducted for expired prepared/packaged foods regularly mixed in with the fresh, some bad produce, and rotten flowers hidden in the bouquets. Check your purchases carefully..

This place is a Fairway wannabe with the selection, but this place is wayyyyy overpriced. If you work in the city just go to Fairway/TJ/Whole Foods on your way home because this place is WACK. I came in here on the weekend and they had old, rotting cheese sitting out that should have been refrigerated. I checked the labels of the prepared food…some of it was too days old. Scum floating on top of the olive bar. GROSS!! Maybe I caught them at a bad time…but I will never come back to this place…ever.

The best supermarket I’ve ever shopped at, full stop. Amazing selection of vegetable, beer, cheese, fresh coffee, prepared food…and that is just for starters! I love this place.

Hands down the best grocery store I’ve been to! This place is amazing – all of the food is super fresh. If I lived close by I’d come here every day. The prepared foods looked amazing too!



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