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Front garden wall Design Pictures

Their front yard landscape designs could be used in most locations.

We’ve included a landscape plant guide below to highlight the plants that Lisk used for the projects we’ve featured for you.

Mary and I know how landscaping can visually enhance the look of any front porch. The combination of the right plants and hard scape helps to create appealing front porches and lots of curb appeal!

These landscaping photos, landscape designs, and ideas are courtesy of Stephen at Lisk Landscape Management. Let’s start with small yard landscaping ideas.

Landscape 1: Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

There are lots of folks who have small front yards or small spaces in which to landscape. Even if you have a small front yard you can create amazing landscaping designs. Use the right plants and hardscapes to turn the ordinary into something quite appealing.

How About This!

Yes, it is the same house. It is really amazing how the right front yard landscapes can turn something ordinary into a curb appealing work of art! This makes “coming home” after a hard day a work a whole lot more satisfying.

Take a Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at what Stephen did to create this almost botanical garden in this homeowner’s front yard.

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Take special note of the new sidewalk with a herringbone pattern. This adds lots of interest and the design complements the plantings. The rock edging gives the landscaping visual stability while the plant selection and colors give it real appeal.

Stephen decided to use EP Henry Coventry Brickstone in the color of Autumn Blend with matching Autumn Blend Edgestone to prevent mulch from eroding on the sidewalk. Stephen decided to use Autumn Blend in particular to match the existing brick steps. The tumbled look of the block gives off a natural aged/rustic look.

Side Landscaping Design

The brick walkway and retaining wall below extend the front yard landscaping around the side of the house. The steps give this small home a sense of sophistication – a real nice touch.

Beautiful brick walkway

Hardscape, that is, rocks, bricks, pavers, etc., often have a very linear effect. Stephen, owner of Lisk Landscape Management; however, softened the look by offering a short herringbone pattern sidewalk leading to the steps and then curving the retaining walls inward.

In the initial layout, the side entranceway was too small and very difficult to walk through. A natural flowing, easier accessible walk was the solution. To accomplish this, Stephen and his team precisely cut and level out the wall blocks on a crushed stone base.

Stephen decided that an EP Henry Coventry Garden Wall in Autumn Blend would be the best choice for the overall design of the project. This choice was more cost effective than the traditional Coventry Wall and a 4 inch block was better suited for the layout.

After the step construction was completed, Stephen gradually stepped down the retaining wall with the grade along side of the driveway to a boulder and some small plantings.

Front Walkway Design

To break up some of the landscaping and add to the natural look of the hardscaping, Stephen decided to add matching “Jericho Boulders” along with 3 to 5 inch river rock. In addition, variegated liriope and stella d’oro daylilies were used around the hardscaping to soften things up.

Path lighting was used to illuminate the beautiful entranceway at night.

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The original steps were very old and out of date. In addition, there wasn’t the correct amount of steps leading up the entranceway.

Stephen and his team knew this was something that needed to be corrected before moving forward with the overall appearance.

Landscape 2: Adding Sophistication to a Small Front Yard

No matter if you are moving into a new home like the one below or have been there a while, good front yard landscape designs can add a bit of sophistication to an otherwise ordinary yard.

What Would You Add First?

A bare lot is like a blank canvas. Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine the possibilities.

New home ready for landscaping

When Stephen initially met with the homeowners, they were unsure of what direction to take the design plan with the exception of not wanting the responsibility of cutting the grass on the small hill. Stephen; however, had the perfect idea in mind and sketched his landscaping plan that you will see here.

The new concrete driveway, walkway, and steps were installed prior to all landscaping and hardscaping.

Recreate This Striking Landscape Design

Beautiful transformation

What most of see as ordinary, Stephen sees as possibilities. This could have easily been landscaped without the retaining wall but look how well it not only frames the home but also makes it appear more sophisticated for a more formal look.

The awning over the front door not only protects visitors from the elements but also extends colors from the yard onto the home. Notice how the landscape colors, the awning, and roof shingles all complement each other.

It’s All in the Details

This landscaping design made this home look absolutely magnificent from the unique colors in the garden wall, to the texture on the boulders and the beautiful crape myrtle shrubs.

Attractive textures, colors and varying heights

Hover over the photo. Labels will popup that identify plants and features.
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See our for more details.

Hover over the photo. Labels will popup that identify plants and features.
(This feature my not work on mobile devices)
See our for detailed descriptions.

What Condition Is My “Soil” Condition In?

(Remind you of a song by Mickey Newberry?)

Matching soil conditions to specific plants is vitally important to plant health and growth. Soils in southern New Jersey are fairly acidic due to the amount of evergreen needle decay over the years.




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