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Better Homes and Gardens Floor Plan

Larry Garnett has been a recognized expert on innovative yet practical home designs since 1977. Larry is the author of Home Plan Doctor, in which he explains how to select a home plan that fits your lifestyle, how to read a basic floor plan, and how to navigate every stage of the process. His historically-influenced plans have been featured in a number of magazines, including Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living. He has also addressed issues regarding home design and urban design at such prestigious venues as Harvard University and the National Association of Homebuilders, in addition to a number of television and radio appearances.

Wayne A. Ramaker, a twenty-year veteran of the home plans industry, former CEO of Home Plans LLC, and a longtime friend and colleague of Larry, purchased the collection in 2010. Wayne plans to update and evolve the inventory to meet the changing needs of today’s home builders, while maintaining the rich charm and timeless appeal of Larry’s designs.



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