What to add to the backyard?

Over the past few decades, the idea of the comfort of a private home has changed dramatically.The trend is spacious rooms, an abundance of natural light, and functionality of the premises.Therefore, laneway houses have become popular now.

Laneway house is a separate house that is built on the territory for their own needs.Previously, they were used for servants, the elderly, or even created a stable there.

However, now this is a completely new direction in construction.They can serve as both an additional place of residence and a sleeping place for tenants.

Main advantages:

  1. Stylish look.It used to be in vogue static and symmetrical buildings.Today, dynamics and asymmetry are in trend.The additional area allows you to freely place premises, increase the useful square meters and at the same time harmoniously fit into the overall style of the house and its proportions.
  2. Environmental friendliness.Owners who care about the health of the family often move bedrooms into such houses.
  3. Variety.Such houses are built for a variety of reasons and for different purposes.This can be an increase in living space, equipment of a utility block or a terrace.It can be a rectangular or square small house.A huge selection of layouts, shapes and sizes, as well as finishing materials allows you to make it special.
  4. Reliability.Laneway house is being built in compliance with all requirements and standards that relate to hydro and thermal insulation, ventilation and noise protection of premises.
  5. Low cost.You can make a laneway house, based on your financial capabilities, without saving on the quality of materials.

However, do not forget that if you want to build a laneway house, you need to contact only professionals such as custom home builders.This is necessary in order to get an excellent result, taking into account all the features and preferences.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels