How to understand what is wrong in your life

Unlucky in everyday life, everything falls out of hands, problems at work and in your personal life? Maybe it’s time to lay out the tarot cards on

The most basic task and help of Tarot layouts is the ability to look at the situation objectively, more fully, from all possible sides. The alignment on the Tarot cards shows the real, root causes of what happened (situations, conflicts).

Look through all your life situations

Thus, through the layouts on the Tarot cards, you can consider almost all life situations. Why is there no career growth, no promotion, no salary increase, no bonus. In this way, you can understand both the causes of the problems themselves and the opinions and expectations of the people around you: what your superiors, your colleagues, and subordinates think about you.

Your preferences

Tarot cards help you understand yourself. With the help of layouts, you can understand, for example, whether you like your job, how long you intend to work in this place, what it will bring you, whether this profession, this company or even this office is successful for you. The same situation is in the love sphere. Looking at the cards and their tips, you can more accurately understand for yourself what you expect from this relationship, how happy they are, whether you need them, how you feel with this person, are you ready to live with him for a long time and be support.