Cozy Corner for a Pleasant Outdoor Recreation

The pleasure of living in a country private house is associated, first of all, with outdoor recreation. Therefore, it is necessary to take care that this place is organized rationally. Still, you should not you should not turn to intricate luxury projects. The cost of new patio can be budget.


An open-air place for rest is the first thing that comes to mind outside the city: the arrangement of the simplest patio without a roof near your house.
You hide in the house in case of rain. Well, you can always open a large garden umbrella to hide from the flaming sun.

two patios near the house

Photo by tommao wang on Unsplash

A more thorough solution is the construction of a canopy: during a sudden rain, you won’t have to hide in the house. The shelter can be monumental: with a solid roof, electrical wiring and lighting. Such a shelter is kept on solid pillars, which in a few years will be covered with ampelous plants.

Or you can build a canopy that is less complex in execution: use simple materials for the roof, such as polyurethane, profiled flooring or even waterproof fabrics.

Gazebo is a more reliable and expensive option. When planning such a building, try not to get away from the patio – that is, a kind of open-air room. Let the structure be light: use more glass. The maximum-sized windows, and ideally sliding ones, will allow you to achieve the feeling of being outdoors.

jungle patio

Photo by Barbara Burgess on Unsplash

In any case, you can use patio calculator to understand how much such a correlation can cost you.

You should make a patio in the country, in the garden. You will want to spend time here not only daylight time, but also in warm evenings. It means you should, take care of the lighting.
You can select both regular lighting in the form of garden lanterns, and hanging lanterns and garlands. In addition, floor and table candlesticks will create comfort and solemnity.