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Happy Monday! So, the word on the street 🙂 is that the Better Homes & Gardens magazine featuring my kitchen is finally out! I haven’t actually seen it in a store yet, but I have received some emails from readers receiving their magazines in the mail. So YAY! Check your mailbox or local store!

I did receive a few copies in the mail from from the editor, so I did get to see it in person (thanks, BHG!). So exciting!

Have you ever ordered a digital copy of BHG on your iPad or phone? It has some cool extra features like interviews and additional photos! I haven’t wanted to listen to myself because … WEIRD, but there is a link in the digital version where you can see some photos and hear an interview with me chatting about my kitchen! It’s a fun way to read the magazine and get some bonus content, too!

Here I am in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, just standing in my kitchen smiling, making a salad. 🙂 I know. It makes me laugh. But one thing I really loved about the experience was how interested BHG was to capture a realistic image of how we live in our kitchen. I actually talked with the photographer in depth about what types of things we would make in the kitchen, and salad is a common occurrence at our house! So, salad it was. It wasn’t easy to look natural standing there with my salad, though. I would have no interest in being a celebrity or TV star. Oh, the pressure! Heheheh. I prefer hiding behind the screen.


Source: theinspiredroom.net