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Types Of Floor Washing Machines

Specialists in the maintenance of premises and, in particular, for janitorial services, face the problem of choosing a floor washing machine. There is much scrubbing equipment from various manufacturers on the market. Even an employee with experience can get lost, but not an employee from bayareafloormachine.com.

Floor washing machines are professional cleaning equipment. It is much more efficient to clean restaurants, hotels, shops and private houses with a washing machine, which saves not only time, but also money.

However, two types of floor-washing equipment should be divided: single-disc (less often two-disc) rotary machines and floor washing machines. Their main difference is that floor washing machines dry the surface by collecting liquid with a special scraper connected to a vacuum turbine in addition to directly washing the floor with a brush.

The floor remains dry after the passage of the floor-washing machine in case of good quality of the scraper rubber bands. You can walk on it immediately. Thus, another difference between floor washing machines and rotors is the presence of two tanks: for cleaning solution (clean water) and for dirty liquid. The rotors can be equipped with only one tank for a cleaning solution (special agent). Dirt and liquid must be collected with special water vacuums after rotary machines.

The use of rotary machines is advisable when it is necessary to polish the surface due to the high rotation speed of the polishing wheel, or to wash out heavily soiled floors after repair work or during general cleaning. Rotors are also used for applying and grinding various mastics on the surface for crystallization floors.