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Successful Floor Covering

Ceramic tile is not only one of the most popular materials, but also one of the most affordable and practical to use. The properties of ceramics allow you to call the floor tile the best coating. It is wear-resistant, durable, does not require special care. The differences may be in shape, size, coating, texture and color.

Undeniable Advantages

The main properties of ceramic floor tiles are also an advantage of this floor covering.

  • Moisture resistance — the tile does not absorb moisture, which means it can be washed with detergents and plenty of water.
  • Resistance to temperature changes — after firing, the tile is not afraid of heat or frost.
  • Resistance to aggressive environments — the tile is not afraid of acids, alkalis, salts.
  • Does not support the burning action — safe for the premises, will not be a source of ignition.
  • Dielectric — does not conduct current.
  • Eco—friendly material – does not emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, environmentally friendly raw materials are used in the manufacture.
high-quality and durable tile

Image by Simpolo Ceramics from Pixabay

A really high-quality and durable tile, laid correctly on a flat surface, is able to withstand pressure up to 500 kg. The area for covering can be any (concrete, foam concrete, wood-board), can be flat, stepped, inclined. The floors of any rooms of apartments and houses, garages, balconies, stairs and terraces, offices and shops, airports and hotels are suitable for cladding. A wide range of applications is due not only to the advantages and properties, but also to the richness of the presented textures, shapes, colors.