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Safe and secure: change the lock

Strong doors and a reliable lock are a guarantee of security and a quiet life. No one is immune from burglary and theft. In order to preserve the property, armored doors, window grilles, and a reliable system of locks are installed. It is important to monitor the timely change lock on the doors, as the abilities of intruders are constantly developing, and they are learning to take new skills.

locks in the door

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

Replacing the locks in the door is necessary if:

  • – Some of the residents of the house / apartment have lost their key. If at least some keys are lost, then you cannot be completely sure that none of the intruders will use them.
  • – You are moving to a new apartment. If you bought a house, or decided to change the rented one, then it is important to take care of replacing the lock so that none of your predecessors, the former tenants of the apartment, decided to visit it without your permission.
  • – You are purchasing an apartment in a new building. Even when buying an apartment in a new building, you cannot be completely sure that one of the builders or contractors did not take an extra pair of keys.
  • – You noticed traces of burglary or other damage on the lock. If someone already wanted to get into your apartment, then it makes sense to increase the level of protection.
  • – The lock began to malfunction. When the lock seizes, then this is a clear hint of its imminent breakdown.

Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash