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Rubble Stone In Modern Construction

At the same time, the popularity of rubble stone in construction is greatly influenced by the fact that this material is very attractive and belongs to the category of decorative stones, where each specimen is presented in a single kind. Secondly, consumers are certainly attracted by the strength and reliability of rubble stone. Well, and thirdly, there is a natural eco-friendliness from such a stone, which has recently been very appreciated.

Natural stones or pieces of them having an irregular shape are used for boulder walls.

Currently, Utah Boulder Walls are used as foundations, retaining walls, basement walls, stone fences and other similar structures. And in areas with large reserves of bedded rubble stone, the walls of low-rise buildings are also built from this material.

rubble stone photo

Photo by Ryutaro Uozumi on Unsplash


Advantages of boulder walls are as follows:

  • no additional cladding work is required;
  • special and beautiful appearance;
  • no additional shuttering equipment is required;
  • the ability to create smooth and individual forms of structures;
  • variety of design solutions depending on the type of stone.
boulder wall

Photo by Christian J. on Unsplash


Based on the experience of operation and construction of boulder walls, the following disadvantages of the technology relative to modern methods were identified:

  • high cost relative to alternative technologies;
  • high labour intensity of work production;
  • relatively low productivity of work;
  • a narrow-profile technology that requires a highly qualified performer;
  • the reliability of the structure is significantly determined by the qualification of the mason.

This method of laying stone is also effective in the construction of reservoirs, shore protection, strengthening of slopes and ditches. The choice of the installation method is determined by the type and parameters of the structure, the operating loads and impacts, the wishes of the client and other factors. Visit website to learn more.