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How often to pump out a septic tank

The first question of the owner of a private house without a centralized sewage system is how often to pump out the septic tank. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to it, it all depends on the model and general device of the autonomous sewage system. Methods for removing contaminants are equally important. You can call for services of specialists septic tank pumping in Hattiesburg, Mississippi or carry out the work yourself by purchasing the necessary equipment.

Factors affecting the frequency of pumping a septic tank

There is no exact answer to the question of how often to pump out a septic tank in a private house. The reason is that, depending on the model, you will need to clean it after 1 year or after 5 years.

To understand how often to pump out a septic tank, it is necessary to take into account the following features:

  1. Tank volume. If the septic tank is large, it will rarely be necessary to call a sewer.
  2. The amount of wastewater per day. The more people live in the house and the more often they use the sewer system, the greater the amount of waste water will be.
  3. A type of bacteria that recycles waste. Some models of septic tanks are designed to use anaerobic microorganisms, in other systems, cleaning is carried out by aerobic bacteria. In the first case, the costs of maintaining the system are small, but the filtration of wastewater is slow. Therefore, you will have to pump out the septic tank often.

Image by Lili-OK from Pixabay