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Why is it important to change sewer lines and when to do it

Sewer lines replacement is a very important moment of repair work both when owning a private house and an apartment in a building. Regardless of what your living space is, communications are necessarily connected to it, which means that sooner or later you will have to face this problem.

How to understand that it’s time to change sewer lines?

With the right approach, an intense to replace sewer lines can not come as a surprise. If you monitor the condition of your house, then taking emergency measures will not be required. Let’s list the main signs by which we can judge that we will soon have to change the sewer lines:

  • low rate of water discharge into the sewer caused by a decrease in the inner diameter of the lines as a result of inorganic deposits;
  • appearance of visible longitudinal cracks on sewer lines;
  • appearance of wet lines or some of their parts.

The most important points of this list are the last two – in this case, you need to change the lines as soon as possible.

Choosing lines for sewerage – how not to make a mistake?

Today, lines are produced mainly from plastic, although more recently they were only made of cast iron. Cast iron withstands heavy loads and allows it to be used in the most critical areas. The internal sewerage of apartments and houses is made of plastic – it is both cheaper and lighter.