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Why a dog is worth getting in an apartment

A dog is not only a guard, it is also an excellent companion, a devoted friend and the most attentive listener. In addition: The animal helps to develop responsibility. If a four-legged friend gets into a house where there are children, their behavior usually changes dramatically. They become more caring, compassionate and responsible as they learn to take care of the dog. What breed of dog to choose for an apartment? One of the most adaptable breeds to apartment conditions is the French Bulldog. For more information about this attractive breed, visit special site

General characteristics of the French Bulldog

characteristics of the French Bulldog

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

Despite their origin and ferocious appearance, these animals are very good-natured and sociable. This is a decorative dog, suitable for keeping in a city apartment. Does not require special care, easily gets along with all family members and with other animals. The popularity of French Bulldogs is due to the following characteristics:

  • they do not need great physical activity, enough walks;
  • rarely bark, non-aggressive;
  • very attached to all family members;
  • unpretentious, adapt to any conditions;
  • small growth is suitable for keeping in a small apartment;
  • friendly and cautious by nature;
  • can be an ideal companion for a lonely pensioner;
  • do not require special care;
  • trainable, very smart;
  • life expectancy 10-12 years.

Appearance of the French Bulldog

Appearance of the French Bulldog

Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

The head of the dog is massive. The back of the head is almost flat, the forehead, on the contrary, is convex. The nose is short and upturned, black. The maximum length of the nose is ⅙ of the height of the forehead. A nose of a different color or forked.

Wrinkles go from the nose along the muzzle, but they should not rise above the level of the eyes. Wide powerful jaws must be accompanied by a bite – other types of bite are not allowed. Teeth and tongue with the mouth closed should be tightly covered with black lips and not stick out. Due to the shortened muzzle, the French have an incomplete dentition – 40 teeth instead of 42.

spotted dogs

Image by Fabian Köhler from Pixabay

White spots on the muzzle can only be found in spotted dogs. The eyes are round in shape, slightly protruding, but in no case protruding, without visible whites. The expression is intelligent and inquisitive. The bulldog’s ears are shaped like tulip petals. They are set strictly vertically, should not be hanging or pointed.