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Which countertop to choose for your kitchen

Up-to-date technologies of materials processing can turn an inexpensive version of a kitchen worktop into a high-quality, stylish and very beautiful one.


Quartz is one of the hardest stones, so the countertop from it will become very durable. It is very important that the agglomerate quartz countertop is eco-friendly. Beautiful quartz countertops at


Granite is a spectacular material, expensive and not always in harmony with the general style of the interior. However, the strength of such a countertop and a large selection of colors and patterns are to many people’s liking. If there are many structural veins, the design will be really beautiful. By the way, a kitchen apron can be made from the same granite.


Marble countertop can be almost any color. Each countertop created from this stone will be exclusive, as no alike marble slabs can be found according to the pattern. If you take good care of such a countertop, it will last a very long time. Nevertheless, you need to be very careful when using different liquids on such a countertop. Spilled wine, tea, coffee or juice can quickly penetrate into the pores of the material, and it will be almost impossible to remove such stains.

In any case, there are some pros and cons of each material. In addition, it is better to know about them in advance in order to choose what is right for your kitchen, for your needs and even for your character.