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Marble Table in the Interior

Marble is probably one of those materials that always looks expensive and stylish. What can the advantages of Marble Side Table be, except of durability, beauty and reliability of the material? OIXDESIGN offer a range of pros that other producers can not present:

  • The work of the company’s is based on SwiftAssembly, EasyMove, Mobility and Portability.
  • All the products are eco-friendly. They are safe for health and harmful substances were not used during the production process.
  • You can buy goods and order free delivery at once!
  • The furniture is prefabricated: you can assemble and disassemble it at any time.
  • The tables have a wireless charger, that makes them tech-savvy. Not every manufacturer can offer such innovation to their clients.
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What types of marble furniture are in the interior?

Marble and wood

This combination is often called a classic modern style. The table is usually a stone tabletop mounted on solid wooden legs. More suitable for use as dining room furniture.

Vintage marble

These models of Marble Table are characterized by an almost complete absence of strict lines in their geometry and have the maximum number of carved inserts. Such products, as a rule, are not produced in large sizes; the cutouts are a single monolithic body from a piece of rock.

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“Art Deco Glamor”

The task is to copy furniture forms of tables from the early 20th century. You choose green as the color of the material, which is distinguished by its external sunshine and sophistication. Shapes can be standard – from circle and square to rotation. The main difference is the creation of large tables in the glamor style, designed for a large number of sitting persons.

Cubic marble

The easiest to manufacture and inexpensive (but massive) design option. It is performed by simply cutting out a three-dimensional figure with sharp edges from a piece, followed by grinding all surfaces.