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Losing things is no longer a problem

Sometimes a person has so many tasks that he begins to live, as if on autopilot. His attention is completely switched to complex matters, while the usual things remain out of control. If this continues for a couple of days, then the person will not even notice the changes. However, if the high alert mode lasts a week, two, a month, then the likelihood of losing small things increases. A person loses about 200,000 things in his life and spends about 10 minutes a day looking for keys, documents or a mobile phone. How to avoid it? There is goods from that can help.

What is it?

Modern technologies allow not to forget things and prevent their loss. Special tags are attached to a mobile phone, keys, small trifles that you always loose. After using them, you will definitely find this or that thing.

How to use?

This key tag is easy to use and practical. If the item to which the key fob is attached is lost, the mobile phone application will show where the tag was last found. When you press a button in the app, the tag starts beeping.

You can also search for a paired smartphone using the label. To do this, you need to shake the tag, and the phone will emit a beep.

For pets

It can also be used as a pet tracker. The application will always report if the animal has moved away from the owner.