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The roof is one of the most important elements of the building.Its functions are diverse: protection from rain, snow, heat, frost, solar radiation, harmful substances, dust and other negative factors.

And in order for the roof to look aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to choose the right and reliable craftsmen. Ottawa Roofing companies can be a great help in this.

However, the role of the roof is often not limited to protective functions only.In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the aesthetic appeal of buildings.The shape and color of the roof is considered in conjunction with the entire structure of the building as a whole.

Roofing materials

Currently, the roofing materials market offers consumers almost any different variants.

According to statistics, the main roofing materials are still traditional types: slate, roll materials (roofing felt, glassine, etc.) and roofing iron.Their share in the total balance of roofing materials is more than 90%.

The reasons for this are prefabricated houses with flat roofs (the main consumer of roll materials) and rural construction (the main consumer of slate).

Today, a large number of new types of roofing materials appear on the construction market.Such an abundance of modern roofing materials, on the one hand, gives great opportunities to architects-designers, but, at the same time, greatly complicates the choice of roofing material for a particular roof.

To make an informed choice, you need to know all the properties of the offered roofing materials (aesthetic, technical and economic).

Focusing on the selection criteria and referring to trusted specialists such as Roofersin Ottawa, you can definitely be sure of the quality of the coating for your home.

Image by Flower Mound Roofing Pro from Pixabay