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How to give a child medicine?

The introduction of the drug not according to the instructions for it is called an off-label. This is any separation of the pill into parts, its crushing, dissolution, non-standard use of the solution from the ampoule. The effectiveness of drugs administered by the off-label may decrease, and the side effects may differ from those described in the instructions. But doctors often turn to such techniques all over the world.

Now there are many devices to divide pills into parts and grind them into powder. They are light, small, convenient to carry, you can buy them at a pharmacy or on the Internet. There are three main types of such devices:

  • a device for dividing a pill into parts (usually into two halves, then half can be divided in half);
  • a device for grinding pills (the simplest ones like a mill grind a pill into powder, more complex ones can divide the pill into equal parts and grind into powder, there are devices with quiet operation for night division and grinding, for example, the Best Electric Pill Crusher; it can be used not only for children, but also for pets and elderly people);
  • mortar and pestle (for grinding spices, can be used for grinding pills, sold in regular stores).
give a child medicine

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The pill can be easily divided into four parts using the aforementioned devices or even a thin sharp knife. It is difficult to divide a pill into smaller parts, especially if it is small or contains a large dose of medicine.

If such a situation arises, ask the pediatrician to write a prescription to the pharmacy: there, pills and capsules can be made into powder.