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How to get into your house?

If it happened that your door slammed shut and you can’t get into your house now, then you need to know ways how not to stay living on the street.

The easiest way is to contact specialists like Masterkey Locksmith, who will open the door for you in a matter of minutes. Most often, such companies will help you to change the lock and make a duplicate of the keys in 15 minutes. Even if you have lost your car keys, they will help you with this.

But if you think that you can cope on your own, then there are several ways that will help you get into the house without breaking anything.

  1. Through the window

Through the window

Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

The easiest way to break into a house is through an open window on the first floor. But they will most likely be closed. Therefore, you will have to climb through the second floor. If you don’t have access to a ladder, then find something stable and high that will help you climb.

If these are casement windows, then you can easily open them with your finger, or with a thin tool, for example, a screwdriver.

You can borrow a screwdriver from a neighbor.

You can borrow a screwdriver from a neighbor

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

With a screwdriver, you can partially open the door windows or remove them. This method will allow you to put your hand inside to open the lock.

Now remove the window beading. Window beading is a plastic or metal strip around the frame. You can insert a screwdriver there and thus remove it, starting from one corner and continuing to the opposite. Remove it with your hands, then remove the overlapping beading, if there is one.

Window beading can sometimes be expensive. It may deform during the removal process, so make sure you are ready to buy a new one. Remember that you can always call a specialist so as not to damage your property.

Insert the screwdriver from the bottom between the glass and the frame. Put a little effort, and the window should come out effortlessly.

  1. Using a credit card

This method will only work if you have a spring latch on the lock. Turn the handle, making sure that the spring lock is on. If the door handle does not turn, then the lock is closed.

spring latch on the lock

Image by Bru-nO from Pixabay

This method is unlikely to work on modern locks. Then you will have to contact a locksmith.

If you have an outdated lock, you can try to slip the card between the door and the frame. Lever the latch by applying force. It’s not a fact that it will work out on the first attempt, but in this case, you need to persevere.