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How to choose a chandelier for the size of the room?

A chandelier is one of the main elements of the interior of any room, so when choosing a lamp, everyone has difficulties. But not only the harmony and aesthetics of the room depends on the right chandelier, but also the emotional state of a person, so it is necessary to take a serious approach to choosing a chandelier.

The market offers a wide variety of models of chandeliers at different prices. You can easily verify this by looking at the presented assortment on It is not necessary to pay a huge amount of money to get a good lamp. Before choosing a chandelier, you need to consider a number of characteristics.

What should I pay attention to when choosing?

pay attention to when choosing

Image by 5460160 from Pixabay

Everyone looks at the different parameters of the chandelier, but if we consider only the appearance, then it is worth paying attention to the size, shape, color and style of the device.

  • Size

One of the main parameters of the choice is the size, it should fit the size of the room. The lamp should not be too large, so that there is no overload.

  • Form

Image by Victoria_Art from Pixabay

When choosing the shape of the lamp, the ceiling height is the deciding factor of choice. If you have high ceilings, it is advisable to choose a suspended chandelier so that it fills the free space. If the ceilings are low, then a flat lamp will be an excellent option.

  • Color

The color scheme should be maintained, so you should choose the color of the chandelier, which does not stand out from the full picture of the room. A lamp emitting heat is suitable for a classic interior.

  • Style

Image by Liqs from Pixabay

As mentioned above, when choosing a lamp style, the ceiling height is the deciding factor of choice. But you also need to take into account which room the lamp will be in. If this is a living room, then hanging chandeliers are more often used there, and for bathrooms and children’s rooms, the best options are ceiling lamps.

The most important thing is that the chandelier you choose is in harmony with the interior of your room. Chandeliers are presented on the market not only of various designs, but also from various materials and manufacturers. But already knowing which external characteristics to focus on, it will be easier for you to make a choice.