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How To Check The Quality Of The Finished Painting

Painting a facade is the application of a protective film cutting off the wall material or its coating from precipitation and temperature influences.  House painters Sydney know, that the paint coating prevents the appearance of mold, fungus, algae. This work must be performed in the best way possible.

Find Skips

A freshly painted plastered facade can look perfect. You need to identify defects on it immediately. The wall must be moistened with plenty of water from a hose or a garden sprinkler.

When a painted wall gets wet, the skips will stand out as distinct dark spots. This procedure should not be carried out immediately after painting, but when the paint coating is completely dry. It usually takes 2-3 days.

After Moisture Evaporation

You need to see how the wall dries. If it dries unevenly, it may indicate that the plaster was poorly primed before painting.

If the plastered surface simply absorbed water and dries for a long time, it means that it was not primed at all. The plaster will actively absorb moisture and collapse at negative temperatures.

Why Primer Is Required?

The primer is a dispersion of film-forming substances based on water or mineral solvents. The composition creates a film with deep penetration into the material.

It improves the adhesion of the paint to the surface and makes the substrate waterproof. It saves paint consumption by filling microcracks and pores on the surface to be painted. The color covers the primer evenly. The primer includes antiseptics preventing the development of fungus and mold.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels