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Fixed shower screen: a reason to prefer

In modern bathrooms, regardless of their design and floor space, frameless shower screens are often preferred to all other types of construction. It can be just a tribute to current fashion. But, more likely, the reason is that it is so much more convenient and functional.

Go to and enjoy the products from Creative Glass Studio. This London-based company specializes in glass working and the creation of beautiful and reliable shower screens and enclosures.

In this article, we’ll try to gain some insight into why this solution for bathrooms is so popular.

What do they understand by “fixed shower screens” and by “walk-in shower screens”?

If you still have a traditional bathtub, you may feel that you need something in addition to get a different bathing experience. Showers are better for a thorough and quick cleansing of the body. Also, replacing a bathtub with a shower allows for improved space.

There are different types of shower enclosures, which are made of wide glass panels and finished with delicate, reliable hardware. It is suggested that you select from a range of products like:

  1. Frameless shower doors, which can be installed in the doorway, fitting it exactly, or which come with an inline panel, used to compensate for an opening that exceeds 600 mm and is mounted next to the door.
  2. Fixed shower screens, where the door is beyond the design basis. It is recommended to install the construction known as walk-in shower screens if the width of the entry is about 600 mm, while the width of panels varies from 900 mm to 1000 mm.
  3. Frameless shower enclosures, isolating the wet area to the utmost due to a tray that collects water. It is possible to use a bathtub instead of a tray. It includes doors of various types, like sliding and swinging hinged doors.

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Little things matter

In order to enjoy a well-arranged wet area in the bathroom, every detail should be taken into account.

Minimalistic shower door seals, glued to a glass edge, do not accumulate water and soap residue. They will look like new for a long time without any special maintenance. The solution is much better compared to clip-on seals, which dry up longer, give rise to bacteria, and cause yellowing of plastic.

Hydrophobic Surface Protection System for Glass is a coating, sprayed on glass surfaces immediately after the structure has been mounted. It makes water run down without traces, which would leave marks on the glass due to hard water deposits if it is allowed to go dry in a natural way. The protection lasts for three years.

There are three fastening systems. The panels of a fixed shower screen can be fastened with the use of profiles like U-channels incorporated into the walls. The approach allows for the hiding of defects and cavities in the wall. If the basic surface is perfectly flat, it is better to use square-type wall fittings and silicone fillers with an antifungal effect, which provide a smooth sealed line. If the structure is mounted in the bathroom where the walls are not finished (there is no tile yet), the panels can be recessed into the wall. As a result, the profile is flush and looks seamless.


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Advantages of frameless shower screens made at Creative Glass Studio

Go to website to ensure that all the above options are available in one place. You will get an end-to-end service, consisting of:

  • 3D visualization. A computer-generated image is created to show a frameless shower screen as it would look in reality. Using advanced 3D software allows a customer to see the would-be result, catch possible imperfections, and make amendments.
  • Careful production. The manufacturer offers a wide range of options, including different constructions, curled, colored, frosted, and decorated toughened glass, low iron glass, various accessories with decorative metal finishes.
  • Thoughtfully done mounting work. The assembly of the approved and produced panels is focused on individual needs and restrictions of a customer’s bathroom.

Whether you decide on walk-in shower screens or isolating shower enclosures, you will get the high quality products from Creative Glass Studio with a guarantee of continuous service.