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Facade color – rules of choice and successful combination

When starting to design the facade, take into account factors such as climatic and weather conditions, nearby buildings, and the landscape. Harmoniously combining colors, you can create beautiful architectural ensembles.

If you do not want or do not have time to select shades, then you can always use the services of professional House Painters in Auckland. Professionals will listen to all your wishes; the rest of the work will be left to them. They will choose a harmonious combination of shades not only with the style of your facade and terrain, but also with the landscape. After all, the main thing is to create a balanced picture and the correct placement of accents.

There are some simple rules and practical tips for painting the facade.

The texture and properties of facing materials sometimes suggest the color scheme itself. Wood and stone have their own unique natural shades, which significantly affects the entire appearance of the house. Stone and wood can be successfully combined with glass, mosaic or metal. Combinations of shades of the roof, facade and basement are carefully thought out to create a holistic image of the building.

It is always better to give preference to lighter colors. Too bright, saturated and dark are more difficult to harmoniously include in the space, besides they quickly tire the eye.

Shades of the same scale are well combined with each other: brown with beige, blue with blue, etc. White is universal and can be combined with any shades.

If this selection process is still difficult for you, then a competent specialist will help you with this. Also, special online programs have now appeared for selection.