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Eco-friendly Approach From LEGO

The Danish manufacturer of educational toys LEGO “turned green”. The company presented a series of “botanical” elements created from plant plastic, which is obtained from sugar cane.

Emphasizing the innovation of its ideas, the company has introduced new sets that can already be bought in the LEGO Store. Trees and bushes made of eco-friendly material. The elements were manufactured as part of a partnership with WWF, which aims to support the demand for plastic made from sugar cane.

The LEGO company really has an inevitable impact on the environment: first they buy raw materials, then they develop a design, produce a product and arrange deliveries. All LEGO production equipment has long been certified according to the environmental standard, ISO 14001. Every LEGO Group factory adheres to our environmental policy to reduce the impact on the environment.

LEGO wants to have a positive impact on the environment and makes every effort to create excellent games for children. The company is proud of LEGO elements made of environmentally friendly plastic. This is a great step in their ambitious quest to make all designers from bioplastics by 2030.

LEGO’s decision to switch to bioplastics is an example for other companies in various industries that need to look for new ways of production that involve taking care of the environment. According to the information on the company’s website, bioplastic trees, bushes and leaves have passed all the necessary tests and are qualitatively no different from the usual LEGO parts.