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The secret of the enduring popularity of this piece of furniture is in its versatility. Find below ideas of how and where you can place a coffee table in your house or apartment. Look for even more ideas on

Part of the recreation area

The most common option is to use coffee tables to create a furniture composition in the recreation area (for example, 2 armchairs + a coffee table).

Organization of a kids` corner

Coffee tables often successfully replace kids` tables, allowing you to organize a comfortable corner for games and creativity.

Replacing the dining group

Replacing the dining group

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The coffee table will successfully replace the kitchen one. Having supplemented the composition with floor pillows or poufs, you can abandon the dining group. Such a solution will be especially appropriate in a Chinese-style setting, interiors in the style of Wabi-sabi, as well as in minimalistic, oriental, Mediterranean, and even Scandinavian spaces.

Another option to abandon the kitchen table is to choose a transformer table. There are models that unfold from the compact version to the dining room and back.

Design of the green corner 

Coffee tables will help in the design of a small home green corner, or even a full-fledged garden room.

Bedside table functions

Bedside table functions

Image by TravelCoffeeBook from Pixabay

An actual technique is the replacement of bulky bedside tables and dressers with neat and miniature coffee tables.

Loggia or balcony furniture

Coffee tables are also great for furnishing loggias and balconies. Especially if the room does have an impressive area.

Creating a decorative composition

Creating a decorative composition

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Small tables will help to organize and complement the decorative composition. You can place a stylish exhibition or an art object here.

Addition to the dressing room

Coffee tables are often used in dressing rooms: they can serve as a kind of replacement for shelves or showcases for shoes, bags, accessories.

Replacing the curbstone in the hallway

A coffee table will successfully replace a chest of drawers or a console in the hallway. This is especially true when there is no need for a roomy storage system in this area. Or if there is a dressing room in the hallway.

Mini-tables can be found in almost every apartment, and all of them, as a rule, have common features. However, if you want to please yourself and your guests with something original, you should turn to designer models. A creative piece of furniture can truly transform a modern interior.