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How To Plan An Apartment According To Feng Shui

Feng shui is a science that promotes the harmonization of the surrounding space and makes great use of beneficial energy flow to residents. The fundamentals of the teaching state that observing the balance of water and wind energy in the living space will saturate the house with happiness and prosperity.

balance of water and wind energy

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It is quite difficult to fulfill the requirements of feng shui in a typical apartment. However, experts from are sure that if you have bought an open-plan apartment or are going to build a house, there is a chance to create a space in accordance with ancient Chinese rules.

Correct form and organization of rooms

organization of room

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 It is the harmonious combination of wind and water that provides vital ch’i energy to the entire space that surrounds us. Energy flows away with their imbalance. The house should be spacious with high ceilings. The minimum number, and preferably the complete absence of sharp and protruding corners is recommended.

A rectangular or square shape is considered correct. In such a house or apartment, the holistic ch’i energy is best concentrated. The same applies to the interior layout: get rid of narrow spaces, sharp corners and nooks.

Avoid long straight passages. This is an easy way to attract negative sha energy. To protect yourself from it, place lamps on the ceiling of the corridor in a staggered order. Another option is to decorate the floor and ceiling with smooth wavy lines. 

Do not narrow the entrance area. The hallway should be spacious and bright. It is not recommended to place a window, balcony or mirror directly opposite the entrance door. It is also desirable to avoid a view of the kitchen from the entrance. The main living room should be the brightest, most spacious and “breathing” part of the house.  It collects the most ch`i energy, on which the well-being of the family depends. 

The toilet and bathroom cannot be located opposite the entrance to the apartment, in its center or on the centerlines. By the way, the kitchen also has no place on the axes.

Feng shui rooms

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Feng shui rooms for sleeping are the subject of special attention of fans of this teaching. The headboard of the bed should be adjacent to the wall. The bed itself should be placed so that it is not reflected in the mirror and, lying on it, you can see the door to the bedroom.