Winter Garden

Home Goods Winter Garden

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Clean, well stocked and fun stuff for the whole house. I like to shop at this chain since they always have fun house deco and unique items for the kitchen. This particular location reflected that vibe and had all the usual goodies. All areas were mostly near and organized, save a few misplaced things here and there, most likely by a non caring customer. Standard clearance sections can also be found throughout, some good finds and some things that just need to be written out of stock. The parking was easy and check out was quick since they put all the customers in one line and check them out at whoever is available next. Overall: A House stuff!

Good selection of merchandise. Biggest problem is checking out. Not enough staff scheduled to handle the crowds. 12 registers and 7 staffed. Set timer when I got in line. 38 minutes to check out.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. You walk in looking for ONE thing and walk out with a cart full. The workers however can use some customer classes as they tend to ignore you or act frustrated when approached.

Good store with good selections of home “goods”. Prices are usually pretty fair but he best thing is you can usually find a lot of unique accessories to hang around the house or fill corners or counter space. They always have a good assortment of holiday decor as well. Was looking for a wall phot lo that had a specific color and size and found it for $99!

It’s clean and has a good assortment of home items, but is not overwhelming. It’s connected to Marshall’s and some good deals can be found. I have had good experience with the service here as well.

This is a fantastic Homegoods location, as it is connected to the Marshalls store that is right next door. The assortment of items in this store always seems to be better than other Homegoods locations, and the checkout moves quickly as they have an efficient queue system set up and ample cashiers helping on most occasions. My wife and I both truly enjoy just wandering through the store to see what new items they have come out with, and what deals they have in the clearance areas. Seeing as this location is within the Winter Garden Village, it is in a great place where you can just park your car and walk around the huge complex of stores. This gives it an advantage over stand alone stores in other locations.