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Home Design Ideas for Small Homes

From modern to rustic, these small home decorating ideas can help you to make the most of your space!

When you’re decorating your home, you want to create a space that you feel comfortable and relaxed in. Often times, people see small spaces as cramped and crowded. However, not all small home decorating is a puzzle-like aesthetic that fits all of your belongings into a limited space. You want to maximize your space when you’re in a small home. This means designing every part of your home no matter what your design aesthetic may be.


The base of any home design is your walls. They create the backdrop for any other design choices you make. You want them to be complimentary, rather than overbearing. If you want to create a simplistic home design, lighter color palettes are a great background. They create add light to a small space making it feel bigger. Softer hues, such as lavenders and off whites, can keep your space from feeling like a basic white box. If you prefer a more luxe home design, dramatic accent walls are the way to go. Small spaces don’t have to mean simple choices. By adding a dramatic color, you can add luxury a small house.

If a wall has windows or glass doors, the drapery is a great way to make your space feel larger. Vertical stripes, either on the wall or curtains, make the space feel longer. If you want a solid color, matching the curtains to your wall color can create a seamless transition. Depending upon the color, this can make your home feel like it has longer rooms. Not only does the fabric design matter, but so does your curtain height. When you hang your curtains at the top of the window or door, you are cutting off your wall. By hanging the curtains above the window, you are lengthening your space. This creates long lines that give the illusion of a bigger room.

You can maximize your small house decorating by utilizing the walls to their fullest potential. Hanging décor is a great way to make the most of your small space. You are freeing up floor space, while not losing any of your design. For instance, by using wall sconces or a hanging light fixture, you are creating more room either on your table or floor. There are plenty of different designs and materials used for these light fixtures than can fit into your home design. Art is another way to enhance a small space. Strategic placement and grouping of art can create the look you want for your small house.

Storage Solutions

It can be hard to find the proper storage for your small home. You want a calm feeling in your house, not the uneasiness that comes with a cluttered home. Small apartment organization tips can be applied just as easily to small homes! One way to create storage without closing off parts of your home is to use shelves over cabinets. This open storage design is gaining popularity in kitchens, but it can be applied to any room in your home. A clean display of your items is the perfect way to secretly store things as well. It may seem like a trendy design choice, but it’s all for a practical purpose. It helps to keep your small space light and open. If you have a second floor, consider using the space under your stairs. This is a great place for storage and is often overlooked. If you don’t want a standard closet under the stairs, think about different cabinets or shelves in the wall. It’s also the perfect place to fit a small desk for an at home office when space is tight.

If your space is particularly tight, it’s time to use creative storage solutions. The first is to think vertically. Many people forget about the open space between the top of a cabinet and the ceiling. This is a great place to store things. It’s probably not best for commonly used items, as it is not the easiest to access. However, it can hold hat boxes filled with photos or extra kitchen settings and serving pieces. The backs of doors is another space saving storage solution. These spaces are perfect for racks of cleaning supplies or coats. This keeps them out of sight for the most part, but they are still easily accessible.


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