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Strictly no UAVs or Drones are allowed on site with the exception of our official teams who hold full UAV pilot licenses.


The gates open at 12pm Thursday. They will remain open for the following hours for entry, but you can leave whenever you like.

Thursday 20th July: 12pm – 10pm

Friday 21st July: 10am – 10pm

Saturday 22nd July: 10am – 10pm

Sunday 23rd July: 12pm – 6pm

Monday 24th July 10am – 4pm

There is strictly NO entry outside of these times. This includes ALL guest lists.

If you think you are going to arrive late, stay at home or be prepared to spend the night in the car.

Do I have to pay for parking?

To further our green incentivising, this year we will be charging for car parking. Audience travel is the largest emitter of CO2 for any festival, so for us to reduce the party’s overall environmental impact, we’d love you all to come on public transport. There are many ways to travel to the garden that are less damaging to our planet. Click here for more info.

If you must come in a car, you will need to purchase parking pass, at the cost of £20.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes you can bring 12 cans, or 6 cans and a bottle of wine, or 2 bottles of wine.

No spirits allowed and strictly no glass on site so please decant all wine before you arrive.


Please be aware that The Secret Garden Party does not tolerate illegal drug use. Anyone caught using or distributing illegal drugs will be severely reprimanded. Drug detection dogs will be working on the gates in order to stop any illegal drugs entering the site. There will be a police presence inside the event, please respect them. Drugs are ILLEGAL.

Will there be Medical Services?

We have some super lovely medical people who are very qualified to deal with ALL accidents. If you need them, please go see them. The stewards will help you find them on the radio if you cannot see them near you.

Can I BBQ?

Unfortunately not, due to the protected nature of the meadowland on which The Secret Garden Party is held. No barbeques or meth stoves are allowed on site. However gas camping stoves are allowed UNLESS they present a fire hazard when there are too many tents nearby. No single canister to be larger than 300g.

There will be beautiful fire circles though… so please toast marshmallows and your tootsies at your leisure.

Will the toilets be to my satisfaction?

Toilets at festivals are a barometer of your behaviour – the more you respect and look after the toilets, the cleaner they will be. We do our best to ensure all the toilets are serviced very regularly, and are as clean as possible. All toilets blocks are also fitted with alcohol hand gel sanitiser. Get fresh at the weekend!

What should I bring to the garden?

We get asked this question every year, and there really is no right answer; only a deep sense of wanting to participate.

Can I bring my dog?

We have a limited number of dog tickets available. If your hound is friendly and doesn’t mind crowds, we would love to welcome them to the garden.

Ticket are available on a first come first served basis and are strictly limited.


Source: www.secretgardenparty.com