Which Awning should You Choose for the Backyard

When the weather begins to please with the sun and warm days, many rush from the hustle and bustle of the city to the expanses of nature. Regardless of the place of rest, it is important to think in advance where and how best to hide from the sun. And if massive, inconvenient umbrellas were used for these purposes earlier, today they have been replaced by awnings.


Shade structures are the most popular and affordable way to protect people and their belongings from the effects of the scorching rays of the sun, precipitation in the form of rain and hail.

In the recent past, when the fashion for awnings appeared, many put stationary structures made of stone, wood and metal on their plots. After a while, the covered structure lost its appearance, and the owner had to make additional investments for reconstruction.

With awnings you can go to the beach or on a long hike. If the owner does not plan a trip, the awning can be deployed in the backyard.

With awnings you can go to the beach

Photo by Diane Walton on Unsplash


To date, manufacturers, for example, Shade N Net have developed a huge number of modifications of awnings, each of which has certain advantages and, possibly, has some disadvantages.


This is a sliding structure familiar to society, often found on the summer grounds of cafes and restaurants. The main advantage of umbrellas is the quick assembly and disassembly of the product.


Image by geralt from Pixabay

Open model

The frame of the presented variety of awnings is made of plastic pipes. The roof is presented in the form of piles of lightweight metal, on which fabric protection is stretched.

The Marquise

The design is a rectangle with a slope in one direction. The angle of inclination can be small or significant – this parameter depends on the wishes of the owner of the canopy. The awning of the “marquise” can be placed as a free-standing gazebo, or you can attach the roof base to the facade of the building.

As you can see on the, there are enough types of shade structures to choose the one that will satisfy your needs in terms of functionality and appearance.

January 15, 2022