Mushrooms in the Grounds: Why They Grow And What is to be Done

The onset of autumn very often coincides for summer residents with the appearance of such a problem as mushrooms in the beds. And they can be very different, including poisonous. And it is not clear to many gardeners whether this phenomenon is a dangerous symptom or whether it should be taken as an ordinary summer cottage routine. What is certainly clear is that such a phenomenon needs to be understood. If you are worried that mushrooms have suddenly appeared on your site and want to get rid of them immediately, then you need to seek help from professionals.

Where do the mushrooms come from

Where do the mushrooms come from

Image by Jutta Wichelmann from Pixabay

Despite the harmlessness of mushrooms, one cannot completely ignore the fact that they appeared in the site. This signals certain problems.

So, mushrooms do not like well-drained neutral soil. And since they have appeared, this is a signal that the soil has changed, and quite a lot.  Mushrooms are not the cause of the problem, but a consequence of the fact that the summer resident made a certain mistake or several in caring for his plants. The result is water stagnation and soil acidification.

The second reason these organisms are a concern is mainly because someone in the household might want to try the delicious-looking mushroom, which is something you definitely shouldn’t do.

How to remove mushrooms

How to remove mushrooms

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Since one of the reasons for their appearance is too acidic soil, it needs to be deoxidized. This is done in a variety of ways – ash, lime, gypsum and so on. The main thing is the result in the form of a decrease in the level of acidity.

The second reason is stagnant water, that is, it will be necessary to improve drainage. The most effective option is to improve the drainage system, but there are other ways, for example, pouring light, dry soil onto the area. There are also plants that can draw excess moisture out of the soil. Finally, aeration is an excellent method.

stagnant water

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

In addition, in cases where fungi really cause a lot of inconvenience, they can be dealt with more radically, for example, with the help of special chemicals. But if you want to get rid of the problem once and for all, then an integrated approach is exactly what you need. People usually combine two or even three methods from among the above.