Garden View Nursery

12901 Lower Azusa Rd
Irwindale, CA 91706

(626) 337-4818

I went to Garden View Landscaping for gardening supplies. I met with Steve, the general operations manager and he was extremely helpful. He educated me and spend a good amount of time with me, making sure I understood the proper gardening steps for the plants I purchased. After I got back to work, I realized I have Mark Meahls, the owners, business card on my desk as he visited me at our shop a few weeks ago. I was very impressed by the nursery and am looking forward to doing more business with Steve, Mark and the rest of the crew in the future. Gary Ghazarian Huntington Tires

This nursery comes through and through for me when making those gardening projects for my properties. I’m not sure why people claim this place is pricey when you compare the size and the quality of their plants versus mainstream nurseries that sell you mediocre quality plants at cheap prices. You get what you pay for from here. We have bought privacy hedges to vines to 3-10 year old citrus and shade trees from here and NONE of the plants have ever failed on us. The staff here is knowledgeable and friendly and will help the best they can with folks like me that can describe a plant, but don’t officially know names of them. We have even tried their delivery system, which was courteous and on time when they stated on the invoices. Yes, this place is definitely a nursery more for bigger landscaping projects, not just replacing dead perennials you’d get 3 for $10. They do have smaller plants right up front by the entrance, but their real goods seems to be for genuine trees or plants you want to sprout and take off after 2-3 years of pruning and letting nature take its course.

THIS IS MY DISNEYLAND!! I’ve been here twice now, and I haven’t even walked the whole place. The plants look very healthy, with a huge assortment of everything. I was a fan of the nursery on San Gabriel, but the prices seem to be a bit cheaper here. Sorry San Gabriel nursery I’m cheating on you! They also have a rewards program, so you don’t have to worry about losing/forgetting your coupon. I’m having 25 hedges installed, along with two trees, so I’ll update my post with pictures once done. So far though, it’s an A+!

Victor was patient, pleasant and knowledgeable. We felt he was looking out for us. Totally made it worth driving the few extra miles. Will come again!

We visited Garden View Nursery during their “up to 50” discount sale. We were looking for some hedges/bushes to line our back wall. After looking around for a few minutes. One of their employees named Victor walked up to us and offered some help. We explained what we were looking to do a long our back wall. Victor was very helpful and knowledgeable on all the different hedges he showed us. Having kids and pets he warned us against buying a hedge we really liked because it was poisonous. We ended up buy 10 5 gal hedges and a triangle palm tree. Garden View is our preferred nursery and ask for Victor.

Steve at Garden View was more than helpful and knowledgeable about plants. I came to him and described a plant. He took me out and started showing me other plants. Unable to determine the plan given my vague description and my persistence that the plant is common, he went above and beyond and offered to identify the plant if I emailed it to him. I said I drove the whole lot and did not see one. He said if they do not have it he will tell me the name of the plant so that at least then I will know what the plant is in my search. I emailed my photos and he was able to not only identify the plant but found a plant for me. I was more than pleased. This is a GREAT place for plants, they know them well and I will continue to shop here.

Yes, I’m a fan. I bought a 24 inch boxed Avocado here 3 years ago. There is a gardener’s saying: First year sleep, second year creep, Third year leap. Well this is our third year and we have had our “leap” We have picked about 80 avocados from the tree and those avocados run about 3/4 of a pound to one pound each. The tree is now about 14 feet high. The tree was about $300 and there was a delivery charge, as I recall. The delivery men were very helpful and brought the heavy tree close to the planting hole. The first year the tree got off to a rocky start, I think it lost all its leaves but the manager was very supportive, she even called her fruit tree manager at his home on the week end and then called Durling, the grower. Durling said, ‘the tree is just stressed, it’ll get over it’ (how very Californian…even our trees suffer from stress). The tree did get over it. and the second year was much better. I would recommend Garden View to anyone looking for a tree or shrub because they have a large selection and you get to pick your exact tree. Wear ratty shoes as you will be walking in dirt or gravel. You will be able to count on them for after planting support.

Victor & Johnny helped me out very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. it’s a big lot so might not be a good place to shop for the impatient. if your looking for quality plants & great prices Garden View is the spot ! Ask for Johnnie or Victor they will help you and point you in the right direction !

An interesting place to walk around & browse, especially near the entrance where you can see a variety of plants a home gardener might use. I really like the information they provide on small signs in front of most plants. But overall, this place is more oriented to commercial landscaping than home gardening. That’s why there are *hundreds* of the same plant here. I wouldn’t buy a tree here. Most are in 15 gallon containers, which is not as good as a smaller tree in a 5 gallon container (for several reasons). For one thing, they cost about $40 more. Commercial properties aren’t willing to wait the 3 years it takes for a younger/smaller tree to catch up, & they have more money to spend.

Staff was friendly and helpful. Very good selection of trees. Prices are about mid range but stock was in good condition. They tend to sell out of smaller sizes (5 and 7 gallon) so call in advance to see if they have the tree in the size you want.

Totally worth the drive from LA! They were very knowledgeable, had a great selection of plants I hadn’t seen at lowes, Home Depot, or any of the other 3 nursery’s I went to close to LA. They had paved paths between the plants which were all labeled with signs and their prices. The signs included lots of detail such as how big the plant will be fully grown, how much sun it needs, and pictures of what it will look like fully grown and a close up picture of the flowers if it’s a plant that blooms. It was by far the best nursery I went to in my quest for my new garden.

This review is really overdue. I visited Gardenview nursery about six months ago and bought some Indian Laurel fig bushes for my house. Ian is really great when it comes to explaining plants and trees differences. It’s very reasonably priced they have a huge selection I went back today to buy some more things. They loaded it in the car for you so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting which is great. Great business great service, and really nice selection.